DS1V program:  This is a general program for steady or unsteady one-dimensional flows.  The flows may be either plane, cylindrical or spherical and the gas options range from simple monatomic molecules to chemically reacting gas mixtures.  Some typical applications are:-

The structure of normal shock waves in non-reacting or reacting gases.

Couette flow. (There must be no gradients in the y direction, but a v  velocity component that varies with x may be present.)

The generation and structure of combustion waves.

The reflection and interaction of shock waves.

Combustion or relaxation in a homogeneous gas.

The gradual “freezing” of the temperatures in an expanding gas.

Implosion of spherical shock waves.

The flow along the stagnation streamline of a hypersonic blunt body.
All executables that can be downloaded from this site are for the Windows operating system.
The RealStudio program can compile the .rbp source files for Linux or Apple OSX as well as for Windows.
The executables that have been built from Fortran source files have been compiled with the current version of the Intel compilers.  The downloadable source code can be compiled for other operating systems.
Extensive output files are generated and, for unsteady flow, these are numbered files at specified time intervals.  These may be modified for direct use by post-processing programs.
The availability of the source code permits the modification of the codes, but the programs are then “yours” rather than “mine” and should be referred to as such.
For a demonstration of the way in which the programs are to be used move to:-  

Download or run the interactive program  DS1D.EXE for generating the DS1VD.DAT data file



Download the RealStudio source code DS1V.RBP that produced the DS1D.EXE file

Download the DSMC executable DS11.EXE for 32 bit Windows

Download the Fortran source code DS11.F90 that produced the executables

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